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It’s that time again…

The Football Pink’s 7th issue is out and is crammed with great writing, intriguing features and insightful opinion and there are several ways that you can get your hands on a copy.

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As ever, you can look forward to the usual TFP-mixed melange of football-related miscellany.

A small taster of what’s inside Issue 7…

* Guest editorial by disillusioned punter and award-nominated blogger Greg Theoharis
* Mat Guy laments the loss of his beloved Salisbury and his connection to the past
* Mark Godfrey goes on the trail of a German named Adolf…
* Chris Etchingham on the scheme looking to unite kids of the different ethic groups of the former Yugoslavia
* All Blue Daze picks out the Totaal Voetbal’s missing piece of the jigsaw
* Martin Cloake reviews The Football Man by Arthur Hopcraft
* Ian Cusack looks at the ‘Ultras’ of North Tyneside and their descent into a ‘Lord of the Flies’ scenario
* Hyder Jawad highlights franchise football in the 1920’s, 80 years before Wimbledon and Milton Keynes
* Jonathan Wallace on the club legends who almost never played for their clubs
* Peter Miles takes his camera to uncover the hidden gems of Brussels
* Chris Smith on the state of English coaching. It ain’t pretty
* Paul Breen looks into the dark world of Justin Fashanu
* Liam Billington on the importance of being Unst
* John O’Sullivan looks back at Ireland’s 1914 Home Championship win against the backdrop of near civil war
* Alex Stewart brings us working class rage, skinheads, football and poetry
* Matt Gault on Hatem Ben Arfa’s vanishing act
* Mark Godfrey looks at the influence of the British Empire on South American football
* Jamie Ward on Don Revie’s desert years
* Johnny Phillips meets the ladies team who travelled to Palestine to promote friendship and equality
* Matt Jones rides the Tranmere Rovers rollercoaster
* George Rinaldi speaks to the man who recreates some of our beloved stadiums out of Lego
* Cover art by Paine Proffitt
So, what are you waiting for? Get your copy today!

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