Brexit is going to be a right laugh, isn’t it? Whether you believe that the United Kingdom leaving or remaining in the European Union is for the best is a matter for your own conscience.

With such a tumultuous event on the horizon it seems only proper that our latest issue turns its attention to the relationship between Britain and its continental neighbours in a football sense: as if it were only football that such a theme could be confined to. As we have so often touched upon in the Pink, what occurs within the whitewashed borders of a football pitch or the exteriors of venerated stadia is not solely related to sport – there are impacts and implications that reach far beyond that.

So, while we have to suffer the UK government blundering their way through the whole process, why not indulge in some light relief in the form of our newest issue, themed ‘Britain and Europe’ which is now available in print from our online shop, for all digital formats from Exact Editions and for Kindle from Amazon.

Here’s what’s included in Issue 21:

What have the British ever done for us? – yes they probably shot your ancestors and nicked your country at some point in history, but they gave you football and lots of the good stuff that goes with it. So, you know, that’s good.

Roll up for the mystery tour – British fans like the idea of Europe, but often the reality doesn’t live up to the fantasy.

For better or worse – the experiences that have informed British opinions about Europe: both positively and negatively

Casual state of mind – retracing the steps of one of football’s most obvious cultural exchanges

The benevolent knight – Sir Bobby Robson criss-crossed the continent inspiring Europeans and changing perceptions about British managers. We recap that journey.

The first Mister – the story of William Garbutt: the most important man in Italian football

The roads less travelled – the modern history of of elite English players abroad

The European ban and making up for lost time – remembering the dark days of 1980s hooliganism and how some clubs have yet to recover fully from being cast out

Vote Leave: Scotland’s ‘Junior’ Brexit – is the grass always greener on the other side when you split from your previous governing body?

Burnley: Just a small town in Europe – how a town and football club has suffered from wildly skewed perceptions

Away is where the heart is – how football shaped one Briton’s self-imposed European exile

A working class hero is something to be – a Welshman went to Spain and returned a hero, inspiring others to maintain an international outlook

The golden age of Golazos – how the boom in TV coverage of foreign leagues made the British more appreciative of what we have at home and abroad.

Football without borders – is the Scottish Challenge Cup a blueprint for future European club competition?

Halting the alien invasion – the story of the English FA’s early ban on foreign players and the attitudes that resemble those of ‘Hard Brexiteers’

This is my truth, tell me yours – Mesut Özil is a magnet for criticism, often despite stellar performances. What if anything can he learn from another German import who was able to win over British fans?

Take a chance on me – one country likely to maintain its long-established hand of friendship to Britain post-Brexit is Sweden, where the bond between the two countries’ football is unbreakable

Turning the tide – stagnate at home or take the plunge in a foreign land: why many talented British youngsters see Europe as a more attractive way to the top

Lessons from the fringes of Europe – With England’s success at the World Cup a not-so-distant memory, Turkey’s similarly unlikely experience in 2002 and its aftermath acts as a warning that reverting to type can have a negative impact on the country’s image




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