We’ve only gone and done a podcast. This is our first – and possibly last – feature which accompanies the release of our most recent release, Issue 17.

It’s available on iTunes here https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/episode-1-issue-17/id1273150525?i=1000391189136&mt=2

Or by Soundcloud…

In this episode, editor Mark Godfrey talks to three of the magazine’s contributors.

Marc Boal kicks us off to talk about Vikingur Olafsvik from Iceland and their struggles to survive in the top flight, set against some stunning scenery as seen in his photo essay ‘Football on the glacier’.

Next up it’s Jason Venzor who brings us the fascinating story of Paulino Alcantara – as Filipino/Spaniard who set all sorts of records in the early years of FC Barcelona in what was quite an intriguing life story.

And finally, Daniel Rossbach joins the pod to talk about the increasing creep of propaganda into football and how wealthy states and corporations are using the game to further their own separate agendas.

Download and enjoy and don’t forget to pick up your copy of Issue 17. Details can be found here https://footballpink.net/the-football-pink-magazine/issue-17/