“There are good players, great players and then there are the Artists. These players saw things most wouldn’t. They did things most couldn’t. The pitch was their canvas and they painted their way into football immortality. We pay tribute to their originality, creativity, spontaneity and vision. Thank you for making the game beautiful”.

These are the words of the guys at Art of Football, who have just released their newest range of T-shirts and prints dedicated to some of the game’s greatest entertainers; from Pele to Best, Maradona to Ronaldinho.


We tested the quality of one of the T-shirts, and they weren’t found wanting in either style or fit. With speedy delivery and wrapped in Art of Football’s unique way, anticipation was high opening the package when it arrived.

The dark green Tee featuring the great Brazilian number 10 Pele was a fitting tribute to the man who took the world by storm aged just 17 at the 1958 World Cup in Sweden, and is an excellent addition to anybody’s casual wardrobe.


With plenty of other footballing icons included in this fantastic new range, we recommend you head over to their website and have a look. There’s bound to be something there that will take your fancy. Go to http://art-of-football.com/collections/the-artists