Brian ‘Killer’ Kilcline was a journeyman centre-half in England during the 80’s and 90’s and was perhaps just as well known for his Hells Angels wild-hair-and-beard look as much as being the captain of Coventry City’s 1987 FA Cup winning team. Here we see him at his first club Notts County, where he looks more like one of vague acquaintances everyone has from work or the pub with a mild personality disorder and are usually called ‘Crazy Dave’ or ‘Catweasel’ . On this occasion, Crazy Dave has been invited to make up the numbers in a supposedly friendly 5-a-side match and having never played football since PE at school, he shows up in his 1980’s short shorts with his gonads flapping around the place. The absence of shin pads because “they’re for poofters” gives an insight into Crazy Dave’s football philosophy. Possessing absolutely no skill but plenty of ability to charge around the pitch kicking lumps out of others, Crazy Dave demonstrates far too much intensity and bloodlust for a game of football. Much like Mr.Kilcline.