Welcome to the first in what we hope will become a weekly feature showcasing Panini stickers of the past. We will bring you some of the finest mullets, moustaches, combovers and perms mixed with a few anecdotes about those who have perpetrated the heinous crimes against fashion and humanity. So here goes with our lead off man…..



The former Liverpool captain was a key member of the great Anfield sides of the late 70’s and early 80’s, and like so many of his teammates of the time, Tommo adopted the bubble-perm look made most famous by another Reds legend, Kevin Keegan. It’s uncertain whether Thompson thought this laughable hair-don’t would draw attention away from his sodding great conk, but if anything it actually accentuates his prodigious proboscis. Once his highly successful playing days were over, Thompson became a highly irritating, big-nosed, gobshite coach with his beloved Liverpool before becoming an odious, big-nosed, gobshite telly pundit on Sky Sports Soccer Saturday. The way the light catches just half of his mis-shapen face, he sports the swollen features of a man who had recently been given a good shoeing in a pub car park. And quite rightly so.