Matthieu Teyssandier is a 25-year-old designer from Tours, France, who is passionate about advertising, art and design and, of course, football.


He spoke to us about his new project, Soccer Patterns; “I love everything about the sport and what it represents. This is where my interest for sports equipment, particularly jersey design, stems from.

“One day, out of pure curiosity, I started looking online to see what’s being done in the world of jersey design. I quickly realised that there are very few artists, athletes, or graphic designers that work on the subject. Thus, the idea of Soccer Patterns came to me. I wanted to transform the most legendary football jerseys into minimalist designs, focusing on their logo and patterns, and removing sponsor logos and any other embellishments.

Barcelona_1996 Bayern_munich_2016

“This started off as a personal project that I took on as a source of inspiration to help me develop my creativity.

“Today, the interest in my work on my Instagram page seems to be growing everyday. I no longer do this just for my own personal benefit, but for all the other passionate football fans out there!

“My favourite jersey designs are those from the 80s and 90s, which have some pretty legendary prints. The colours, patterns, forms, placement…that’s what it’s all about for me!

Liverpool_1993 Manchester_United_1990

“Nowadays, all team jerseys look extremely alike. With my pattern designs, I hope to show a part of the history behind football jersey design.

“For now, I’m focusing on creating new patterns and content for my Instagram page. My goal is to represent all the greatest teams with my designs, by following the design history and evolution of their jerseys. To be honest, ideally I would love to take this project further and create posters, sports paraphernalia, a book … or even have it lead to other projects. But I won’t say more, you’ll know when the time comes. In the meantime, I hope to at the very least to inspire football and graphic design enthusiasts, or anyone that’s curious”.

France_1998 Germany_1990

We think you’ll agree with us, that these designs are – like the original shirt designs that inspired them – things of outstanding beauty. To see more of Matthieu’s fine work, visit his various pages below: