The guys at Art of Football are doing a nice line in T-Shirts, hoodies, sweaters and prints, so I thought I would partake in something from their range in a vain attempt to boost my ailing street cred.

I do like an evocative scene, and their gear incorporates vivid and memorable snapshots from a whole host of clubs and international teams; all capturing some of the most iconic footballing moments associated with each one, from Terry Butcher’s blood-soaked headband heroics for England to Archie Gemmill’s mazy wonder goal against Holland, Alan Sunderland’s last gasp 1979 Cup final winner for Arsenal to Ricky Villa’s solo effort for Spurs two years later. The chances are that your favourite team or moment in the sport will be catered for.


As an Evertonian (sympathy cards gratefully accepted) I plumped for something that would remind me of the last time we had the audacity to actually win something – 1995. It was a time when the Blues were mostly awful and found themselves at the wrong end of the table on a regular basis. That was until Joe Royle came in as manager and galvanised the squad, christening his rabid, tackle-hungry midfield “The Dogs of War” in reference to the famous quote made by Antony in William Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar.

Against all odds Everton defeated the far superior Manchester United 1-0 in that year’s FA Cup final. The scene depicted on the shirt is that of Barry Horne and the late Gary Ablett getting stuck into United’s Nicky Butt.


When the package arrived it came nicely wrapped in a box with Art of Football’s recognisable paint splash design. The t-shirt itself was a great fit and looked the business – XL sizes can either make you feel like you’re wearing a tent or can be confusingly tight, which can provoke body confidence issues in even the most self-accepting of people. Thankfully neither scenario occurred either before after washing, which can happen to many similar garments. The print on the front also remained in good condition both pre and post washing machine interaction; another vital tick in the box if you’re going to relieve yourself of £22 for a t-shirt.

They do various colours of each product and cater for men, women and children.

Definitely worth taking a look at their stuff and perhaps investing in something new for your match-going or casual wardrobe.