Runner-up in PETE SPENCER’S personal favourite World Cup moments came in the searing heat of Orlando…



None of the British nations qualified for the Finals in USA 1994, so our focus was on the Republic of Ireland. They were managed by Englishman, Jack Charlton, part of England’s winning side in 1966, and also full of English-born players. Having humbled Italy in their first match, they were losing to Mexico, so ‘Big Jack’ wanted to make changes. He’d lined up John Aldridge. Due to an administrative cock-up, the officials wouldn’t let Aldridge on, despite Owen Coyne already having left the pitch.

In Aldo’s own words he “lost it”, and launched into a tirade of foul-mouthed abuse at the official, accusing him of cheating, resembling various appendages and ignorant of who his father was. Unbeknown to Aldo this was all picked up on camera.

Aldridge did eventually get on and even scored, although the Irish still lost.