Topping PETE SPENCER’S list of memorable World Cup moments is this piece of football comedy gold…



Ramon Quiroga, born in Rosario Argentina, was Peru’s goalkeeper for the 1978 World Cup held in Argentina. He was nicknamed ‘El Loco’ – meaning madman. Having won a group containing Scotland and the Netherlands, Peru struggled in the next phase and were up against Poland. They were 0-1 down and camped in the Polish half. With five minutes to go, Poland countered down their left when suddenly, from stage right, came Quiroga. He was only just inside his own half, but he tackled Deyna, brought the ball down and calmly set Peru on the attack again. This was in an age when keepers rarely ventured outside their area, let alone the halfway line. Minutes later Quiroga appeared again, this time just inside the Polish half when he rugby-tackled Lato. The referee, Pat Partridge, had no option but to book El Loco, who duly clasped his hands behind his back bowing in contrition.