Liverpool are having a dream season. Jurgen Klopp’s guys are currently on track to deliver the most dominant campaign ever seen in the history of English football. For some, the best ever in Europe.

Really, you can’t argue with that, especially if Reds take the Champions League. That would prevent all the discussions which might dispute Liverpool’s dominance. The way Mane, Salah, and the rest of the team play, there aren’t too many sides capable of stopping them.

Right now, the only side which might endanger Liverpool’s UCL title defence is Manchester City. The Bookies Offers most recommended bookmakers are giving them a slight edge over the national rivals, with the odds to win the title set at 17/4, while on the other side, Klopp’s crew is 9/2. But after the recent scandals surrounding the Citizens, that is fairly questionable. Barcelona and Bayern Munich are behind at 7/1, while PSG sits at 15/2.

As we said, having in mind that City has other concerns now, and that the future of the entire organization, along with its players, is under a question mark, Liverpool might be the first favourite for taking the trophy.

That means that the Reds are in a position to win the Treble – Premiership, FA Cup, and the UCL. The last team to achieve that was Manchester United back in 1999. The Red Devils are also the only club from England to do this, and the second from the UK, following Celtic in 1967.

It was one of the most glorious years in football’s history. United’s Champions League finals against Bayern Munich is still a subject of many stories. With two goals in the final minutes and a miraculous comeback from the dead, Sir Alex Ferguson and his boys carved their names in all the history books.

The debates between pundits and fans which generation might be better already started, and each side has its legit reasons for backing up their story. According to Liverpool’s fans, today’s competition in EPL is far better than the one United had. During those years Arsenal and Thierry Henry were the only ones capable of stopping the Red Devils. On the other side, Manchester’s supporters are saying that back then, their European odyssey has been much tougher.

However, until Liverpool wins the Treble, there is really no point in talking about this matter, and their current generation can’t be compared to United’s. But if they win those trophies, it will be different. Right now, the Reds have excellent chances for doing so.

In the upper part of the article, we’ve mentioned the prospects for taking the UCL, and in the next few paragraphs, we will speak about the domestic trophies.

When talking about the EPL, even the theory is along with the Reds. There is no way for them to lose that many points and wind up without silverware. The bookmakers see the race for the title as a done deal, and right now, the odds on L’Pool to take the trophy are 1/100. Man City is next with 300/1, Leicester 500/1 comes third, Chelsea 1000/1 is next, while United, Tottenham, and Wolves sit at 1500/1.

So, there is no point in talking about the current situation here. The Reds are far ahead of everyone and are racing against history. They will try to post the best-ever season in English football and leave to the rest of the league battle for other positions.

Now about the FA Cup. Liverpool has a hard task in the round of 16, as they meet Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. In fact, that is the biggest derby of the stage. The Blues are aiming the FA title, as they know that their prospects for a trophy here are best when compared to all other competitions. On the other hand, Jurgen Klopp is not a fan of any of the domestic Cups, which is why his team enters this clash as an underdog.

Odds on Liverpool’s win are 27/11, while on Chelsea’s 19/16. A draw is set at 3/1. Over 2.5 goals is paid 8/11, while Under 2.5 43/40. Of course, depending on the situation on other fronts, we might see the best 11 in this one if everything runs smoothly for Klopp’s team in UCL and EPL.

To cut to the chase, if Liverpool takes the Treble, then we can talk about comparing them to Man United’s ’99 generation. Until then, that team stays the best English side in the last 30 years.