LA-based DJ and music producer Marc Freccero has taken inspiration from a certain Argentine footballer he has often been compared to looks wise to create a piece of music he feels represents the movement and fluidity of the genius that is Lionel Messi. We caught up with him to find out more:

“The idea for this track, Lionel Messi, was actually inspired from other people – not myself (as it usually is). Numerous times – too many to count – I’ve been approached by people saying I look like Messi. One time even someone said, in all seriousness, “It’s okay man, I won’t tell anyone you’re Messi, but can I seriously get your autograph.” Personally I don’t think I look that much like him, but it’s happened so many times that I thought it would be interesting to make a track about him.


“Since I’ve always been a huge fan of Futbol, I decided that I had to make a track about Messi that incorporates his personality and rhythm in it. I blended Moombahton (which is almost a combination of Raggaeton and electronic) rhythms with an electro-bounce bass line to mimic how energetic and non-stop Messi is on the field. In combination with the rhythms and percussion, I mostly focused on using brass instruments to make up the melody and drop of the track, as I truly feel the trumpet is a signature instrument in futbol anthems”.

You can listen to the track below and it’s completely free for download!

Check out Freccero’s official website here: