As the title of the article suggests, I love a retro footy shirt me.


I have Gary Lineker’s Mexico ’86 number 10 England shirt (minus the replica arm cast to completely authenticate the look).


I also own several examples of Everton retro shirts from the 1980’s….to be honest, the originals stopped fitting me some time ago and no amount of the Atkins diet is going to help me shoehorn my flabby carcass into them again. But, they’re classics right enough


I thought I’d get myself something more 70’s themed as a change and also something long-sleeved, so I invested in something from Campo’s Stadio range. They’ve got the Empire, Azteca, Bernabeu, Centenario and Maracana ranges to choose from and I went for the Royal Blue Maracana jersey – which looks strikingly like an early 70’s Everton shirt. Perfect!

They have some great looking shirts there in all colours, many of which are based around styles of your favourite domestic or continental clubs and international sides.


They even have a range of ‘Stadio No Team Colours’ retro shirts to give you that ‘just seen in black and white on a televised match in the 60’s look’. What a brilliant idea!

The thing I love about them is that you don’t have to be a billboard with all kinds of sponsors on and I love the fashion fit as the traditional replication of old retro shirts don’t use modern materials and techniques in the construction. The added bonus is they’re timeless so you get more value for money rather than having to change shirts every 9 months for £50 a throw.

A great addition to my match or pub-going clobber.


Classic Retro shirts now available from