Crivvens! Jings! Help ma boab!

OK, enough of the racist patter (its OK though i’m qualified to play for Scotland through grand-parentage and marriage), it’s time to decide who to follow on the long and winding road to Hampden Park as the Scottish Cup First Round draw threw up some interesting ties. This season, starting on September 14th, I am going to follow one specific team on their cup run and stick with them until they get knocked out. Upon which i’ll switch to their conquerors until their demise and so on and so on until the winners are crowned at Hampden in May.

I’m expecting some weird and wonderful stories along the way and with any luck, a few good days out and some ‘proper’ football. The problem is deciding which team to start following on my quest. Some highlights in round 1 include the industrial sounding clash between Inverurie Loco Works and Burntisland Shipyard. Are either of those manufacturing powerhouses still in business?

Another game to look out for is the north vs. south clash, as Wick, from somewhere near the North Pole, make the two day journey with Husky dogs and sleds to Coldstream, which is within spitting distance of the English border (I know I’ve been there and been spat at by the Scots). As the ‘Streamers’ are practically English and on the border with Northumberland they’re in pole position for round 1 being relatively close for me to travel.

The final option would be to follow the gloriously Victorian-named St. Cuthbert Wanderers on their trip to Hawick Royal Albert. The Saints could be just about the smallest club to take part in the first round and, with a name that sounds like a church hiking group, their story could be the most romantic.

I’m sure at some stage I will unavoidably come across Rangers and/or Celtic, but being a Buddhist and preferring the peace, tranquillity and spiritual enlightenment that following Queens Park brings, I will try not to become too indoctrinated by the Old Firm.

So watch this space to see who we follow.

See you Jimmy etc…