An ode to the great football player Francesco Totti and the city of Rome.

Alessio Cuomo grew up with Totti. They were born in the same beautiful city, in the same month of the same year. Like most Roman kids he use to fantasise about playing for AS Roma. And looking at Totti he thought: what a privilege to wear that Giallorossa shirt from such a young age. A Roman to the core, and the core of Roma.

This is his final salute to Rome. His farewell speech (with ENGLISH SUBTITLES) at the Stadio Olimpico, following his final game in a Roma shirt.

A film by Alessio Cuomo

Footage used:
Roma – by Oliver Astrologo
Viaggio Nella Città Invisibile – by Carmelo Battaglia
Roma – by L’oeil D’eos
Two Minutes In Rome – by Precision Aerial Filmworks
Farewell Speech Totti – Filmed By Sky Sport

Ab Ovo
Composed and performed by Joep Beving