In the first of a new series, Steve Mitchell and Mark Godfrey look back at English football in season 1990/91. Episode 1 picks up in August 1990 when supporters were still on a high after Italia 90 and Paul Gascoigne was the nation’s new hero.

Joining the lads on this podcast is the man who was the face of ITV’s live football coverage in those days, Elton Welsby. He’ll be talking about Neville Southall, the Liverpool/Arsenal rivalry, presenting shows in different eras, and his appreciation of the hit movie, Pretty Woman.

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*(apologies for the sound quality issues during parts of the recording)

What were we wearing in August 1990? Well, if you were an Arsenal fan you may have been tempted to buy some of the tat from the club’s Autumn catalogue released at the start of this particular season. And let’s face it; who wouldn’t want to be seen in Lee Dixon’s vest? (images courtesy of Miles McClagan @TheSkyStrikers)