More gems from the programme collection of MILES McCLAGAN (@TheSkyStrikers), this time we focus on Aston Villa. We urge you to visit his site to enjoy more HERE


Welcome, Nigel! Very few would have imagined back in 1977 that this scruffy looking Herbert would go on to become a club legend and European Cup winner.


Feed The World, let them know it’s Christmas time…Villa stars like Mark Walters, Gordon Cowans and Colin Gibson muck in to help with the aid effort during the 1984 famine in Ethiopia.


Such a happy couple…


Ron Saunders dictating his programme notes from the lounge of his local night club. The shirt is the undoubted star of this photo shoot.


Brian Little, and his incredibly neat hair, breaking off down at his local snooker hall…


You don’t see many of these down at Villa Park these days…


Incredibly, the St. Bernard was not the fluffiest thing at Allan Evans’ house


Aston Villa – ‘flare’ team of the 1970s


When footballers drove the same shit cars your dad did…in their football boots.


Aston Villa jacket? A flak jacket is probably more appropriate attire for the players these days.






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  1. Aston Villa is a classic football team, showing their grandeur performance at a regular rate… this photo gallery is excellent to view… thanks for sharing!!!

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