The race for the top 4 of the Premier League looks set to be the most exciting ever. And as we reach the halfway point of the season, no less than 8 clubs can claim to have a realistic shot at reaching next year’s Champions League. But who is going to carry off this year’s title? CAST YOUR VOTE NOW!



  1. Amid managers wailing and media gnashing, this season’s premier league table will once again be totally unsurprising. It is, and has always been, the least competitive league in the country.
    The pathetic media fawning will again try to drum up interest, as school children soak up inane facts preceded by “since the premier league” as 130yrs of football never existed.
    I won’t predict the hideously titled “EPL” champion as I’m not sure I care. I can tell you the 17 teams that won’t win it…

    I do appreciate the interest in such predictions but would much rather having a poll for which Non League side Lineker & Co mention first, without patronising them.

    Happy Christmas.

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