Football Kits: A brief history

Most of us these days have at one time or another owned a football shirt or two. Currently, kits have ...

Premier League broadcasting: An uneasy streaming dilemma

When Project Restart was authorised, the ‘festival of football’ began. The Premier League carnival negotiated with its broadcasters and the ...

David vs Goliath: Top football matches throughout history to have seen the giant fall

Although Shamrock Rovers were unable to topple Zlatan Ibrahimovic's AC Milan side in the UEFA Europa League, it was a ...

Never go back: The players (Part One)

There is a saying in life that is as generally true and apt to the world of football as it ...

Sweet Sixteen: Life in Leeds United’s void

Leeds United's 16-year spell outside the top flight was a tumultuous and often tragic period in their history. Matt Abbott ...






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