The Football Pink

Crossing the border: When managers managed rivals

Former Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez’s shock appointment at Everton, this summer, has caused ripples in the footballing world. He is ...

Falls From Grace: Aston Villa

Ordinarily, football goes in cycles and no one club dominates indefinitely; even supposed dynasties such as Liverpool in the 1970s ...

Today’s Tales: Kloppo frustrated, Jack choices and, hmmm, Phil Jones!

Can you smell it, folks? That’s the sweet scent of the Premier League season closing in and money being burned ...

Book extract: Is it Just Me or is Modern Football S**t ?

Written by Jim Keoghan, author of 'How to Run a Football Club: The Story of Our National Game', and 'Punk ...

Classic encounters: The best European Championship matches

As the latest European Championships finished in the most dramatic way possible with Italy beating England at Wembley on penalties ...





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