The Football Pink

Gordon Banks: An ode to England’s goalkeeper

This piece was originally published by @RodneyMcCain on Tale of Two Halves It was immensely sad news to wake up ...

The age of innocence: Coventry City v Tottenham Hotspur, FA Cup final, 1987

By Rob Francis The sixteenth of May 1987 was a blazing hot day. My grandparents, who lived in Coventry, were ...

The first ‘great’ world cup? : The story of Switzerland 1954 (part one)

For many, the 1954 World Cup is seen as one of the greatest ever. It was the first one to ...

The Football Pink Podcast- El Clásico de Avellaneda: Keep your enemies closer

In this week's episode of the podcast, host Roddy Cairns is joined by James Bolam and Football Pink editor Graham ...

Sunderland: The team of all talents

Sunderland AFC. A name not synonymous with footballing glory in the modern era. Ask most football fans what springs to ...





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