Sticker of the Week No.24: Chris Waddle

With the World Cup draw upon us it wouldn’t be right or proper not to include this beaut….



Italia ’90 was undoubtedly the World Cup of the mullet. With the 80’s just at an end, the haircut described as ‘business round the sides, party at the back’ was present en masse ; not a surprise given the USA, West Germany and several eastern European giants of the mullet had qualified for the tournament. But it was England’s own sausage stuffer (he worked in a meat processing factory – get your minds out of the gutter) Chris Waddle, who sported the pièce de résistance of twatful barnets. It’s hard not to admire the length on Waddle (again, keep it clean people) who terrorised full backs throughout the competition. But, just like Samson, as soon as he chopped off his mane before the semi-final with ze Germans, he was shorn of all his powers – except the power to put a penalty kick into orbit.

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