More excerpts from The Football Pink: Issue 2 – OUT NOW


The second issue of The Football Pink quarterly magazine is out now and available to download.

You can buy it from Amazon for your Kindle here priced at just 99p, and if you don’t have a Kindle, you can download the Kindle app to PC, laptop, mobile and tablet here

It is also now available for all mobile, tablet and computer devices here priced at $1.50, which is 99p in good old British sterling.

The magazine has had some superb reviews;

“This is genuine, passionate, informed & intelligent football writing by people who will be the next wave of chroniclers on the sport” – Sabotage Times

“The Football Pink has been a true revelation” – The Daisy Cutter

“Is it worth forking out 99 of your hard earned pence? Without a doubt, it is.” – The Inside Left

“Overall, this E-Magazine provides pages of articles from excellent football writers. It’s not hugely up its own arse like many of the E-books we’ve been exposed to as football fans, and its balance of informative yet humorous content is enough to please the vast majority of people, even someone picky and elitist like myself. In our expensive and modern world, there aren’t many great things left that you can buy cheaper than 2 pints of milk.” – The Illustrated Game

“Quality and value for money. These are two of the major requirements for making purchases in this day and age, thankfully the Football Pink has both these traits, in abundance.” – Sportnewsireland

Written by a collection of hugely talented writers, we want to share with you some extracts by three such scribes.

From ‘Games of our lives – Tottenham Hotspur vs. Arsenal, April 14th, 1991, London, England’ by Greg Theoharis of Dispatches From A Football Sofa (nominated as Best Blogger Of The Year in the Football Supporters Federation Awards 2013)

I was even at odds with everybody around me with regard to my footballing passions. Whilst playground arguments would revolve around whether or not Omonia or APOEL Nicosia were the superior of the capital’s clubs, I immersed myself in the Barclays League. I would routinely listen to commentaries broadcast via the BBC World Service on a Saturday afternoon, jot down the results and religiously sit at my bedroom desk and write out the league table for that week – I was a databaser before databases existed. My bedroom walls were covered in football posters. More specifically, my heroes, the two footballers that even today have the capacity to transport me back to my adolescence despite the various tragedies/mediocrities of their later years: Paul Gascoigne and Gary Lineker.

From ‘Blatter, Ba-Vi and the Beauty of Bahia’ by Laura Jones of Yes I Can Explain The Offside Rule (nominated as Best Female Blogger in the Football Blogging Awards 2013)

Imagine a place where every Tuesday the residents pray all day and dance all night. Imagine beaches filled will people playing football at all hours of the day. Imagine a city where you can wander the streets to discover square after square of music from traditional samba to Bob Marley being sung in Portuguese. I don’t have to imagine this because I lived it, and on the 6th of December, Sepp Blatter’s FIFA entourage will land in Salvador to show the world its charms. Inside Blatter’s inner sanctum on the first Friday in December, national teams will be picked for the group stages of the World Cup. Favours will be whispered in ears and hangers on will be wined and dined. Outside the FIFA conference suite is Bahia, a place of the people.

From ‘If you’re good enough, you’re old enough’ by Anna-Louise Adams of 90 Minutes More (nominated for Best Female Blogger in the Football Blogging Awards 2013)

As a seventeen year old female trying to break into the football journalism industry, one may expect to come across difficulties along the way. Of course, there are obstacles, however many of the obstacles I have faced thus far appear to be due to my age rather than my gender, which actually, is rather pleasing. Yes, I receive the odd sleazy comment made by the archetypal chauvinist, and yes I have been told on several occasions to “get back in the kitchen” (which still baffles me, considering the extent of my cooking skills reaches only as far as the self-assembly of a Pot Noodle) but more often than not, the comments I receive can be taken with a pinch (or five) of salt and generally are intended as humorous.

So, with your appetite whetted, go and download your copy today and enjoy any of the 22 top notch articles inside.

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